Ladies 3s v Remnants

Match date: 14/09/19
Opposition: Remnants
Home or away: Away
Result: 4-1
Scorers: Lisa Gregory (1), Lynne Eve (1), Noeleen (1), Rachel (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Grace and Niamh
Match Reporter Noeleen Allmark

Ladies 3s, first game of the season and we secured a 4-1 win.
There were lots of great team work in defence, midfield and forwards, especially on the right, showing off some sexy and fierce play. The two youngsters, Grace and Niamh running rings around the oppo was quite magical. Their fitness, speed and skills were truly remarkable. Our Defence did an amazing job in keeping the oppo from scoring. They worked tirelessly all through the game. Our amazing goalkeeper Gail made some stunning saves with her fearless “super woman” dives.

Our first goal, a 1-0 lead in the first half, came from Lynne who stunned the oppo’s goalkeeper with an awesome “reverse stick” shot. This was followed, in the second half, by our cool calm and collective Lisa who shot a perfect “cracker” of a goal in the D. The oppo team finally managed to break our “stone wall” defence and netted themselves a single goal.
Our 3rd goal saw Noeleen, Noeleen, Noeleen, Noeleeeeeeeen make a well-earned “goal-hanging” sweep into the box. The 4th goal came from a set piece of swift passing from Stacey to Claire and then to Rachel who fired the ball home – a classy end to a truly enjoyable game.
Well done Ladies, “we smashed it” today.