Ladies 3s v Dartford… Victory!!!

Match date: 21/09/19
Opposition: Dartford
Home or away: Home
Result: 4-1
Scorers: Lily Rideout (1), Kim Angel (1), Grace Furzer (1), Stacey Selman(1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Grace
Match Reporter Fionna Turner

There’s something very exciting going on in the Ladies 3’s at the moment ….….

Lots of talk, gasps, cheers, wonderment and a real buzz about our new young joiners and how truly amazing they are!!
With 6 under 16’s playing on Saturday it was a pleasure to watch them displaying skill, speed, space creation and vision that was a sight to behold and maturity of play far beyond their years.
In addition to our young’uns we have more very welcome new blood in the team this season (YEEHAHH!!!) which meant we had the luxury of 2 subs instead of playing 2 short as we have had to in the past.
The person to feel most sorry for on the day was Maddie who had very little to do for most of the game.
Early on there was drama with two goals being disallowed- the first for the a first shot at goal from a corner being too high and the second for a corner injection not being stopped outside the D. Whilst we might not have put two goals on the scoreboard, we clearly dominated play and it was inevitable more goals were due in only a matter of time.
With some terrific movement of the ball from the back to mid field and across the front line, Lilly bashed in a goal just before half time and Kim, again from open play just after half time taking us 2-0 ahead.
Somehow Dartford broke through the defence and scored one making the score 2-1.
Then more drama- a flick from a foot on the line that Stacey didn’t manage to convert but she soon more than made up for it by touching in the ball at a corner.
With a great home crowd looking on and revelling in the great teamwork, talking and tactics on all parts of the field, Grace finished with a super slip in from a corner to seal our 4-1 victory.
Albeit some our young players were half the size of others on the pitch, they showed such flair and skill on the field and they held their own and more. Coupled with the experience of the more seasoned players it was a perfect recipe for success.
An awesome win and extremely exciting season ahead for the 3’s.
Oppos….Be afraid……be very afraid…………..