Ladies 2s v Deal

Match date: 28/09/19
Opposition: Deal
Home or away: Home
Result: 3-2
Scorers: Steff Cullen (1), Cathay Morris (2)
Man/ Woman of the Match Steff Cullen
Match Reporter Tania Mathews

The team was hoping to continue building on its pretty solid start to the season and this week we had the addition of twins Niamh & Grace in midfield.

It was a rocky start with Deal coming on strong, testing our defence early on, but the back line held fast and stood its ground. It wasn’t long though before Deal fired a shot into the D which took an unfortunate rebound off a defender and landed in the net. After some umpire deliberation Deal was awarded the goal and New Beccs were 0:1 down.

We continued the first half, holding our positions, with great work by our midfielders battling hard to intercept at every opportunity but it wasn’t long before Deal had another goal - one that was almost saved by Becki but irritatingly dribbled its way into goal.

Resilient as ever, we gathered ourselves, kept calm and played on using great communication and better pitch width. We were firing the ball into the oppo’s D and after a near miss which glanced past the goal, Steff was there to collect it and fire it past the goalie. That cracking effort got us back in the game and that we went into half-time 1:2 down.

If last season taught us anything it was that when the chips are down we dig in deep and come together as a team. Our spirit came good again and we started the second half strong and determined. It wasn’t long before we began to reap the benefits. With great calling and much improved passing we began repeatedly injecting the ball into the D. Our second goal came after a scramble in front of goal which Cathay eventually won by claiming her first of the game.

Now we were equal at 2:2 but our New Beccs girls had fire in their bellies and the opposition began to get rattled. After several warnings by the umpire the cards came out of the pocket and a couple of their players were penalised.

We took the opportunity to build on the momentum, switching play and using the full width of the pitch. Our teamwork was solid which bolstered our confidence and you could sense that we had found our feet. With the defence working so well together and the assertive distribution and game-play by the midfield our attackers were on a roll and hungry for more. It didn’t take long for the third goal to come, another for Cathay, and a much-deserved win for the team with the scoreline ending 3:2 to New Beccs 2’s.
An outstanding performance by all and a great team to be a part of.