Ladies 1s v Gravesend 1s

Match date: 05/10/19
Opposition: Gravesend
Home or away: Home
Result: 2-2
Scorers: Sam Pitcher (1), Tracy Pitcher (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Lou Baldwin
Match Reporter Sam Pitcher

This week we were blessed by having great availability across the club which meant for the first time this season we had subs…yay! Which would prove their worth in the game when the oppo turned up with a bare eleven.

Thirteen of us turned up bright and early - not to warm up I might add but to watch the first half of the rugby (fit men in tight shirts…what’s not to like!)

Gravesend started very brightly, catching us very much of the backfoot. Although they were an older team they were very well drilled (something we could learn from particularly how they manoeuvred the ball out from dead-ball situations). We quickly found ourselves 1-0 down to a very well worked move, and despite being camped for decent periods in their half, space was very much to a premium through a congested midfield and it was hard to be able to create too many chances. We then got sucker punched and they broke quickly and scored a second.

We never panicked however with Lou marshalling the midfield and Rosie, Leanne and Hana industrious if often unrewarded for their running. After winning a succession of short corners, one of our routines finally worked, with Sam prodding the ball home via a defender’s stick after Tracy’s venomous shot had hit the keeper on the back of the helmet after deflecting off the crossbar.

2-1 down at halftime, we kept battling and were a lot more organised across the team – defensively much more in control – Dawnie was often in acres of space if not used as much as she could have been. As a team though it enabled us to push forward more, although chances remained limited – I don’t think I’ve played a game where there were no shots on goal from our team apart from short corners! (very frustrating for us goal-hungry forwards!)

The game turned when their goalkeeper was injured (no one is sure how) and had to be replaced leaving them with 10, from then on it was almost constant pressure and finally after a flurry of shorts, the same routine worked again, Tracy smashing in from the top of the D. Despite pushing for the winner we weren’t able to string together the killer pass and the game ended in a stalemate which was probably a fair result on reflection.

Once again, the positives as with recent weeks was the way we were able to keep going, finish the game strongly and get back into games from losing positions.