Ladies 3s v Meopham Ladies 2

Match date: 26/10/19
Opposition: Meopham Ladies 2s
Home or away: Away
Result: 4-2
Scorers: Tracie Cullen (2), Noeleen Allmark (1), Lisa Gregory (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Cheryl ‘the rock’ Padgham
Match Reporter Cheryl Padgham

Despite road closures and delays the ladies 3s were ready and raring to go for the 10.15 pushback in sunny Gravesend against Meopham.

With New Beccs dominating play in the first half saw Tracie score the first goal of the match 20 mins in, with Nancy making her debut on pitch feeding passes up the left channel.

In the second half Meopham attacked in response and equalised with their first goal.

But New Beccs weren’t going to take that lying down and a couple of minutes later Lisa scored with another one shortly to follow.

Then ‘El Capitan’ declared she wanted her ‘now expected’ 4 goals per match. So a minute later with a great assist by Stacey, Noleen delivered to score the 4th goal for New Beccs!

Determined to try and stop the ball coming into our D saw Cheryl make some ‘ rock solid’ stops of the ball from their hit outs, earning Player of the Match and the title of Cheryl ‘the rock’ Padgham.

Kerri and Kim worked hard on the right attacking with gusto and and fighting for possession and keeping the defence on their toes.

Meopham keen to try and catch up saw them sneak in a second goal bringing the final score to 4-2.

With such determination and hard work from all Ladies 3s on pitch it was a performance to be proud and a much deserved win. Well done everyone!