Mens 2s v Folkestone Optimists 7s

Match date: 02/11/19
Opposition: Folkestone Optimists 7s
Home or away: Away
Result: 7-1
Scorers: Chris Baker (1), Tom Fogden (1), Tim Orman (1), Jack Mann (1), Martin Telling (3)
Man/ Woman of the Match Martin Telling
Match Reporter Martin Telling

An early start to the day for an away trip to Folkestone saw New Beccs full of optimism. Prematch plans failed to go to script, however, as England’s finest came up short against the Springboks. Never mind, Folkestone supplied a tasty breakfast, and a goal difference of 0-28 from 4 games which belied the “Optimists” moniker suggested we would find solace out on the astroturf.

Once pitchside, it was clear this wasn’t going to be a whole lot of fun. 70mph winds backed up by freezing rain made for almost unplayable conditions. The Optimists won the toss and kindly handed downwind advantage to New Beccs, but despite dominating possession we took time to convert this into a significant lead. Tom Fogden struck early on with a shot that gave an early indication of the Optimists obvious weaknesses at the back, however the plucky opponents enjoyed some good chances of their own and deserved to break their season’s duck, only to be thwarted by some fine keeping by Rob Byrne. New Beccs second was a bit of mystery – as your match reporter recalls, a Chris Baker shot was initially saved by the Optimists keeper but eventually found its way over the line via your match reporter’s stick. This version of events was contested by some of the Optimists, who thought he’d kicked it, whilst your correspondent cannot explain who or what seemed to have come into contact with an altogether more intimate part of his anatomy during the melee. Tim Orman enjoyed lots of ball in the final 22 and was able to convert one of his reverse stick specials, whilst yours truly deflected another from close range to give New Beccs a 4-0 advantage at half time.

The weather was relentless as we turned around. Dan Bishop made an early exit for Heathrow to leave a bare XI to battle on into the wind. Despite this, New Beccs enjoyed an even greater share of possession, with Richard Carver controlling play in the centre and Tom, Jack and Henry carrying the ball deep into Optimists territory to create chance after chance. Jack got a well deserved goal and Telling bagged his hat-trick, with Chris converting a short to make it seven. In between these goals, Ray George kindly deflected an Optimists shot beyond Rob to gift the plucky opponents their first goal of their season.

Special mention must go to the two lady umpires for managing a game, which was played in good spirits and awful conditions.