Ladies 3s v Sevenoaks Ladies 7s

Match date: 16/11/19
Opposition: Sevenoaks Ladies 7s
Home or away: Away
Result: 3-0
Scorers: Tracie Cullen (1), Steff Cullen (1), Hannah Mitchell (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Tracie Cullen
Match Reporter Hannah Mitchell

A very quick start after a rush to get ready early and down to Sevenoaks to play.

We were first sent on a wild goose chase to the toilets with no changing rooms in amongst a million children at a dance class! But we got set up ready to play on time with excellent support from the sidelines from Alicia’s other half.

We started well and the youth of their side was obvious (6 U18’s) however after a first half goal from a Cullen double at the front we were energised to keep ahead and score more, after a last minute decision and encouragement from Tania, Captain Hannah stepped up to support an attacking short and hit an brilliant second goal in from the top of the D! (Albeit a golf swing according to Kempy!)

The 2nd half was tough and after what feel like a million defensive short corners and being stuck in a deep abyss we climbed out took the ball to the other end of the pitch and scored again, 3-0! The 3rd goal again another Cullen special, which meant we had Cullen/Captain/Cullen =sandwich of goals!

At the end everyone was knackered but extremely chuffed with a final score of 3-0!

A well fought and well deserved win, with epic defending again as per Kempy!