Tunbridge Wells Mens 5th XI

Match date: 26/02/22
Opposition: Tunbridge Wells Mens 5th XI
Home or away: Away
Result: 1-1
Scorers: Steve Lipscombe
Man/ Woman of the Match Spencer Richards
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe

A tough game with a reinforced opposition side. TW went ahead and Beccs had plenty of chances to score but the young TW keeper was very hard to beat. The equaliser came late on as Spencer finished from close range after Nick Porter's shot was saved by the goalie. Highlights of the game were Martin Telling receiving a yellow card for not allowing the opposition player to thump him and said player not receiving a red card for trying to thump him; plus your correspondent flattening one of the opposition ringers and him doing the full Ronaldo. Dubious umpiring; great location; good point.