Mens 3s v Gore Court Men's 5s

Match date: 29/02/20
Opposition: Gore Court Men's 5s
Home or away: Away
Result: 2-0
Scorers: Jeff Pitcher (1) Borys Wowczuk (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match
Match Reporter Jon McIver


Bexleyheath & Belvedere Mens 3rd XI

Match date: 29/02/20
Opposition: Bexleyheath & Belvedere Mens 3rd XI
Home or away: Away
Result: 2-0
Man/ Woman of the Match Milo Darley
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe


Ashford (Kent) Mens Crusaders

Match date: 22/02/20
Opposition: Ashford (Kent) Mens Crusaders
Home or away: Home
Result: 6-0
Scorers: Phil Smith (3) Chris Jeffs (1) Tim Orman (1) Dan Bishop (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Joe Furzer
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe

We won. Phil got a hattrick. Two pretty reverse strikes; one from Chris J and one from Tim. Dan hit a signature short corner finish and young Joe was a popular man of the match. Steve Lipscombe didn't get injured


K Sports (Cobdown) HC Men's 2s

Match date: 08/02/20
Opposition: K Sports (Cobdown) HC Men's 2s
Home or away: Away
Result: 2-2
Scorers: Chris Jeffs (1) Chris Baker (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Rob Byrne and Clare George
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe

We'll get to the hockey shortly. This report is based on my observations from my vantage point on the bench next to the opposition dugout and on the side of the pitch patrolled by the opposition umpire. My comments on the game take account of inputs from our rolling subs. These are facts that I am happy to go on record with:

1. The opposition wanted to supply two umpires becuase they said Clare 'always spoils the game'.

2. There were continual comments from the opposition bench, including from their club captian, which were both insulting towards Clare and sexist, possibly mysoginistic.

3. Their umpire overuled Clare's decisions on a number of occasions and was audibly criticising her. Ed challenged him on this.

4. I challenged player 143 on whether he had played for the K Sports 1st team earlier. He did not deny this; in fact he chose not to respond at all. He had turned up about 10 to 15 minutes after the game had started and went on to score and assist.

5. Adrian Darley heard one of the opposition youngsters asking his dad why first team players were in the side.

6. Rob Byrne heard their number 43 say during the game, ‘there is no place for a woman refereeing a men’s hockey game, who doesn’t even know the rules’. Rob told him politely but forcefully not to criticise the umpire again, 'we don’t need that attitude on the field and you are shaming yourself.'

7. They couldn't beat us.

8. If they win the league it is not because of their achievements, it is because of our lack of availability against Marden and home fixture vs K Sports, when we had to field a weakened side.

I believe we should complain about their treatment of Clare.

So, the hockey. The first twenty minutes was a barrage from K Sports and New Beccs' defensive display was magnificent, preventing K Sports making inroads. Chris Jeffs deflected the ball beautifully into the net for the first goal and went close with a second similar effort. At half time, there was just praise from Chris B for the efforts of the back line in particular. BUT....

New Beccs had given the ball away far too often in midfield, inviting unecessary pressure. We also failed to capitlise on the space left by the opposition defence, especially on their right where the defender was audibly puffing and blowing after 10 minutes.

In the second half, K Sports went ahead (courtesy of 143) but Chris Baker equalised with a slightly bobbly hit from a short corner just before the final whistle. However, if it hadn't been for Rob Byrne's absolute heroics and the intervention of the woodwork, it would have been a different story. K Sports were the better side in the second period and whilst they continued to mount effective attacks, New Beccs couldn't make an impression on the opposition goal; too many misplaced (or unmade) passes, too much running into trouble and too few attempts on target. Beccs' short corners also misfired; Chris was often under too much pressure from the run out to get a clean shot away and there was no plan B.

So, much relief with the result, great goal keeping and defending, but we can play better going forward. And let's practice some short corner routines before the game next week.

Rob was unanimously voted man of the match...and rightly so. However, on behalf of the team, he shares the honours with Clare.


Gillingham Anchorians Mens 3rd Xl

Match date: 01/02/20
Opposition: Gillingham Anchorians Mens 3rd Xl
Home or away: Home
Result: 7-0
Scorers: Martin Telling (1) Chris Baker (2) Phil Smith (2) Chris Jeffs (2)
Man/ Woman of the Match Capt Phil Smith
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe

A different side to the one New Beccs beat 2-0 in the away fixture. The scoreline flattered the opposition, who if it hadn't been for the heroics of their keeper could have shipped another half-dozen goals or more. The scoring opened after eight minutes when Phil Smith slapped the ball on the reverse side and Martin Telling had the final touch before it crossed the line. There were a few minutes of sloppy passing by Beccs until Chris Jeffs got a second goal on 12 minutes. This was a well worked effort; Sameer made a short pass to Martin, wide right near the half way line. Martin played a one-two with Phil and drove to the by-line, where he picked out Chris Jeffs near the P-spot. Chris finished with his second attempt. A bit of complacency slipped in to Beccs' play, Gillingham's talented young central midfielder was left unmarked and he created three chances in as many minutes, forcing Rob Byrne into a smart save to stop his deflected effort on goal. Scenting more chances, Beccs poured forward and after Martin had the ball cleverly picked off his stick by the keeper who he had just rounded, Phil netted from the top of the D on the right hand side. Then on 23 minutes, Sameer smashed the ball into the D for Phil to deflect in for his second and Becc's fourth. Chris Jeffs got his second with a powerful shot from a tight angle on the right into the side netting and then narrowly missed his third when his reverse drive went just past the post. Tim Orman made a great move along the byline and rounded the keeper only to have two efforts stopped by defenders on the line (he claims illegally and believes he should have had a P-flick). More chances came and went before the break, with Chris J and Martin both again coming close. In the second half Beccs were all attack but Gillingham had reorganised to good effect, leaving a striker up high and playing aerials to him over the midfield. Martin had a goal disallowed because the ball had entered the D from a free hit without travelling five yards and he put a second chnace past the post. So it was then that Gillingham held out until Beccs got their first short corner of the game deep into the second half; the ball was slipped by Dan Bishop to Chris Baker who finished with a controlled strike just to the right of the stopper. A second corner followed shortly after and the same routine failed to find the net and Chris Jeffs missed another reverse effort. A third short for Beccs yielded the final goal of the afternoon with a big hit from Chris Baker direct from the injection, and Tim then went just wide with a trademark reverse hit from the left of the D. As usual the New Beccs defence (featuring Dan Bishop, Chris Baker, Ray 'Silver Fox' George and the new slimline, extra speedy, Rob Cain), was rock solid. Dickie Carver was on the piste this eweek but Sameer stood in more than ably as the midfield playmaker. Bexley lost again this week, so next week's six-pointer against K-Sports (two points ahead of Beccs at the top of the table) could be the title-decider


Blackheath & Elthamians Men's Dynamos

Match date: 25/01/20
Opposition: Blackheath & Elthamians Men's Dynamos
Home or away: Home
Result: 4-2
Scorers: Tim Orman (2) Chris Baker (2)
Man/ Woman of the Match Tim Orman and Chris Baker
Match Reporter Sameer Kahn

Before the teams had even crossed the white line, news had made its way through the stands that the 2nd placed team had lost thus opening the way for New Beccs to climb the table - however 'a break is not a break until you hold your serve' and it would be incumbent on New Beccs to produce the right performance

Struggling to create clear cut chances early in the game, short corners were earned by the forward trio and Baker was able to convert such an opportunity by side-stepping 2 kamikaze 12 year old runners to create enough space to fire home the opener

Blackheath grew into the game and while creating little, ably capitalised to score an equaliser gifted to them by Beccs on the half hour mark; and so the two teams went into half time on level terms at 1-1

Some words, both stirring and astute, from Carver at half time had Beccs understanding that a difference in appetite was the only reason for not being ahead

It was therefore surprising that Beccs conceded again 5 minutes into the half to find themselves in the wholely unfamiliar territory of trailing

Blackheath tails were raised at this stage and a calm maturity to counter the warmed blood and youthful ambition of the opposition was clearly required. All but Baker had understood this as he overstepped the mark to rightfully be sin-binned by the authoritative but Paul-Weller-haircut-tribute-umpire

A now-gritted Beccs defence of Cain, George and Bishop reestablished the barrier that allowed Byrne to relax between the posts and with 15 minutes to go it allowed the front half of the team to press on

The pressure eventually told and a much-needed short corner variation that saw a slip right to the newly-reintroduced Baker allowed him the space and time to free his arms and drill a brutish strike to equalise

Beccs now sensed blood and some more regular link up play between the midfield and the strikers, often between the two Darleys bore fruit when Orman received the ball at the top of the D, was able to find some space on his preferred reverse and cleanly LBZ-ed(sic) into the opposite corner of the goal to take a 3-2 lead

Beccs professionally spent the remainder of the game in the opposition half, perching over short corner after short corner (though rarely threatening to shoot, let alone score). Orman eventually killed the game off, taking charge of one of these scrappy situations and pushing the loose ball into the net to make it 4-2 and moving Beccs into second in the league

And so it was...Skipper and Smith trotting off the pitch, happy in the knowledge that the teens making up the opposition had just had their weekend ruined having been dealt an early lesson in false hope

Man of the Match honours, appropriately, split between Orman and Baker, scoring 2 each


Mens 2s v Marden Russets Men's 4s

Match date: 18/01/20
Opposition: Marden Russets Men's 4s
Home or away: Home
Result: 6-1
Scorers: Phil Smith (1), Martin Telling (2) Chris Baker (1) Steve Lipscombe (1) Sameer (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Ed Lipscombe
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe

Six very good goals to see off a strong Marden team on New Beccs' return from the Christmas break. Phil Smith opened the scoring after just a few minutes with a superb solo effort, taking the ball to the by-line on the right of goal and working his way past the defence to finish over the keeper into the top left-hand corner. However, Marden equalised shortly afterwards and the rest of the half continued in scrappy fashion although Martin Telling dived impressively at the far post to divert Richard Skipper's strong ball in from the left to regain the advantage. In truth New Beccs were second best in the first period, second to 50:50 balls and misplacing passes. However, things changed almost immediately after the restart and it felt like every player simulaneously refound their pre-Christmas familiarity with the rest of the team. Ed Lipscombe was terrorising the Marden defence with his electric pace down the right wing, while the rock-solid defence of Ray George, Chris Baker, Adrian Darley and a new slimline Rob Cain, was almost impregnable. Dickie Carver was orchestrating the midfield which was releasing a rolling and increasingly lethal-looking strikeforce of Tim Orman, Phil and Martin. About ten minutes into the half, the tension broke. Chris's short-corner strike came off the keeper's pads and Steve Lipscombe returning from a three-month injury lay-off nicked the ball on the reverse side avoided a defender's tackle as he adjusted his position and passed the ball sharply into the net, just before going off injured again. The fight seemed to drain from the opposition. Chris was more successful with a subsequent corner, placing the ball out of the keeper's reach to make it 4-1. Martin made another terrific close-range diverted finish and was unlucky not to get his hat-trick as Sameer got the last touch on Martin's strike to make it 6-1 (Martin claims it was going in anyway). An impressive second 35 minutes and the range of goals and scorers is encouraging. Ed's man of the match display was a premier performance of pace, positioning and passing, highlighted by his Usain Bolt run for a lost cause in the dying embers of the game almost resulting in the goal of the century.


Mens 2s v Burnt Ash (Bexley) Men's 6s

Match date: 30/11/19
Opposition: Burnt Ash (Bexley) Men's 6s
Home or away: Home
Result: 8-0
Scorers: Milo Darley (1), Martin Telling (2) Jack (1) Dan Bridges (4)
Man/ Woman of the Match Dan Bridges
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe

A report of two halves - I was there for the first 35 minutes but not the second. In the early part of the first period, New Beccs dominated possession but failed to capitalise on their chances. Martin Telling opened the scoring with another poacher's goal, which (again) just crept over the line. Milo had a chance for a second, controlling the ball well at the top of the D to beat the last defender but misjudged his reverse stick push. Beccs continued to dominate but also to give the ball away too often in midfield and Chris Baker put in a superb last-ditch tackle to stifle a rare attack from Burnt Ash. With Beccs improving their control of the game, Jack hit a terrific reverse shot from a tight angle and then shared a neat one-two with Telling, resulting in a short corner, which Chris Baker topped to send the ball bobbling wide. Then some superb close control from Milo on the by-line took him past a defender then the keeper, so he could square the ball for Telling to tap in. That's five in two games from the veteran poacher, only one of them hitting the back board. Two collector's items either side of half time, Telling passed the ball (for Dan to slot home) and then Chris Baker sent a penalty flick straight at the keeper right after the break. Dan had roofed a flick from a short corner routine for the last act of the first half to make the score four nil at the break. After that I left and Dan apparently scored another two, with Milo and Jack also getting on the score sheet. Five wins in a row puts New Beccs in a strong position at the Christmas break - third but within two points of the top. Winning all the games in the second half of the season will clinch the league. Merry Christmas from your correspondent


Mens 2s v Blackheath & Elthamians Highwaymen

Match date: 23/11/19
Opposition: Blackheath & Elthamians Highwaymen
Home or away: Away
Result: 4-0
Scorers: Adrian Darley (1), Phil Smith (1) Chris Baker (1) Tom Fogden (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Adrian Darley
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe

Second hand report. The best team won and former Beccsman Phil Bunker, now at Blackheath, fled the country to avoid being shamed in this fixture. Two goals from short corner routines, with Sameer providing the assists from on point injections. New Beccs move to third, two points behind league leaders K Sports. Winning every game means winning the league.


Mens 2s v Bexleyheath and Belvedere 3s

Match date: 16/11/19
Opposition: Bexleyheath and Belvedere 3s
Home or away: Home
Result: 2-1
Scorers: Chris Jeffs (1), Martin Telling (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Opposition youngster
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe

Second hand report - again. Apparently, two nice goals from Martin and Chris Jeffs (two in two for him). Built like a Greek Olympian, Jeffs defied the odds, beating all 11 opposition player before sugically finishing into the top right corner - (NB. Chris Jeffs wrote this section). Although New Beccs were the better team, the last ten minutes were nervy and Richard Carver wanted to mention the young lad on the opposition side, who admitted he hadn't touched the ball for a goal given by the umpire, do it was consequently disallowed; great sportsmanship. This winning run of three games sets up Beccs to go above next week's opposition Blackheath on goal difference.