Dartford Ladies 1s

Match date: 25/09/21
Opposition: Dartford Ladies 1s
Home or away: Away
Result: 5-1
Scorers: Helen Seal
Man/ Woman of the Match Daisy Rideout and Fionna Turner
Match Reporter Florence Farley

Back to hockey with a bang!

It was great to get back on the hockey pitch and with the 3s game cancelled the 2nd XI were boosted by the 3rd XI players who played their socks off.

Mention should be made to Daisy in her debut for New Beccs, who had her knee ‘pop out’ and, after a short break to ‘pop’ it back in, she got back on the pitch and had an awesome game at the back! We also welcomed back on pitch, Fionna, who looked like she had never been away! A big thank you to Lizzy Loader for turning up even though she ‘declined’ on Teamer. She was suffering but gave her all. We started well and had more of the ball in the first half, made their goalie work hard but just could not make it count. Dartford had a break and got their first goal and by half time had another. Our heads did not go down and we battled on. When H rocketed in our first goal it looked like we could get it back. However, Dartford had other ideas and piled on the pressure and although there were many saves, another three got by. The game was played in great spirit and it is only the first game of the season so onwards and upwards. Play like this every week and our rewards will come


Ladies 2s v Marden Russets Ladies

Match date: 09/11/19
Opposition: Marden Russets
Home or away: Away
Result: 0-1
Man/ Woman of the Match Nancy Davis
Match Reporter The Four Musketeers and Terri!

We arrived at what we thought was the hockey pitch. However all we saw was fog?!? But the good news was that we had a goalie, Nancy came out of retirement for one day only.

Going back to a formation we hadn’t seen since last season, and the luxury of having two rolling subs, we started off strong with more possession of the ball. However, the opposition snuck through and had a few breakaways which resulted in an impressive header from Nancy to keep it 0-0. Then there was a few defensive short corners which kept us on our toes but the score remained 0-0.

The one and only shot came from the centre forward, having not scored for 12 years, who with a great strike from the top D put them ahead 1-0 at half time.

Captain made a few changes leading us strongly into the second half with our heads held high, resulting in some chances on goal none of which were successful. We played much better as a unit during the second half, keeping possession, passing it around more and giving the oppo the ump
Unfortunately the whistle went too early for us leaving the score 1-0 to them.

Bring on the match at home


Ladies 2s v Holcombe Ladies 3s

Match date: 02/11/19
Opposition: Holcombe
Home or away: Home
Result: 0-4
Man/ Woman of the Match Steff Cullen
Match Reporter Lianne Peterkin

New Beccs ladies 2s congregated in the club house at 9am for a pre match breakfast and chat. Oh and of course the Rugby World Cup Final v South Africa! At half time the team glanced out of the steamy conservatory windows and prepared themselves for a thorough drenching. Think very cold Jamaican Monsoon.

After the girls finished assisting Isabel in the toilet to dry off her puddle sodden sock, the team braced themselves for a very wet trudge over to the pitch. Grace led the team warm up and Alex briefed the team for positions. We had about two minutes to do this!

Trying to put the Rugby World Cup final to the back of our minds and ignore Cathays South African smugness, the team started well.
Lianne, Claire and Stacey barricading the back line with Alex in front, twins on the half, Steff in the middle and Isabel, H and Terri holding the front line...like well ‘ard soldiers to war. Substitutions swiftly, swarmed, sensibly and seriously (tried to use sensually but thought that was probably inaccurate) around the mid and attacking field.

At half time we huddled together feeling a little deflated that the umpire didn’t see an oppo foot on the first goal but congrats to Holcombe for taking 2 nil before the next whistle. Alex was happy to keep the team in their positions and re-set substitutions. A good old “chin up ladies” “we can get this back” group hug and off we went back to battle.

Holcombe, as expected, were very well drilled and experienced in training together so came back at us harder than before. They weren’t perfect and they were pressured well by our one on ones and New Beccs certainly didn’t make it easy for them! Unfortunately they did score 2 more goals but thanks to some great saves by Gail, we didn’t concede anymore.

Overall a much better performance than last week. The team are starting to settle in with each other. Further development needed of course so let’s all get down to training and iron out the issues occurring. We will get there!

Next match away to Marden Russets. Let’s do this...


Ladies 2s v Gore Court

Match date: 05/10/19
Opposition: Gore Court
Home or away: Away
Result: 1-3
Scorers: Alex Black (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Amanda & Lizzy
Match Reporter The Four Musketeers

Well, what an interesting match.

An unfortunate early goal put them 1-0 up and us behind but nevertheless we tried hard and fought back with Niamh, Grace, Megan and Alex as half’s running up and down with lovely 1-2s to the to try and get some chances and excellent balls from Lizzy up the line. Fast and accurate passes straight through to Amanda, Harriet and Steph creating some excellent chances in the D but unfortunately not much came from those except some short corners but no result still.

At half time we were still positive and kept our heads in the game even when we were 2-0 down. We kept battling and fighting even when some of the opposition were testing our nerves, cough cough number 9. However they were punished with two players being carded giving us an advantage to create many opportunities that were available but with a tense one on one with Harriet on goal we finally got a short corner.... beautiful injection from Izzy and straight strike from Alex to the backboard kept us in the game!

By the end of the second half we were all feeling it from a tough game and a couple of red faces, we played well and were disappointed with the result but knew we had put everything out there. Our player of the match was a tough one as everyone played great with a good team effort but we want to give a special shout out to Amanda for encouragement to keep us going and creating some really good chances for us. Some great saves from Becki and effort from the defence to ensure no more goals scored keeping it to only 3-1. Looking forward to next week if we get picked! wink wink

from the four musketeers :-)


Ladies 2s v Deal

Match date: 28/09/19
Opposition: Deal
Home or away: Home
Result: 3-2
Scorers: Steff Cullen (1), Cathay Morris (2)
Man/ Woman of the Match Steff Cullen
Match Reporter Tania Mathews

The team was hoping to continue building on its pretty solid start to the season and this week we had the addition of twins Niamh & Grace in midfield.

It was a rocky start with Deal coming on strong, testing our defence early on, but the back line held fast and stood its ground. It wasn’t long though before Deal fired a shot into the D which took an unfortunate rebound off a defender and landed in the net. After some umpire deliberation Deal was awarded the goal and New Beccs were 0:1 down.

We continued the first half, holding our positions, with great work by our midfielders battling hard to intercept at every opportunity but it wasn’t long before Deal had another goal - one that was almost saved by Becki but irritatingly dribbled its way into goal.

Resilient as ever, we gathered ourselves, kept calm and played on using great communication and better pitch width. We were firing the ball into the oppo’s D and after a near miss which glanced past the goal, Steff was there to collect it and fire it past the goalie. That cracking effort got us back in the game and that we went into half-time 1:2 down.

If last season taught us anything it was that when the chips are down we dig in deep and come together as a team. Our spirit came good again and we started the second half strong and determined. It wasn’t long before we began to reap the benefits. With great calling and much improved passing we began repeatedly injecting the ball into the D. Our second goal came after a scramble in front of goal which Cathay eventually won by claiming her first of the game.

Now we were equal at 2:2 but our New Beccs girls had fire in their bellies and the opposition began to get rattled. After several warnings by the umpire the cards came out of the pocket and a couple of their players were penalised.

We took the opportunity to build on the momentum, switching play and using the full width of the pitch. Our teamwork was solid which bolstered our confidence and you could sense that we had found our feet. With the defence working so well together and the assertive distribution and game-play by the midfield our attackers were on a roll and hungry for more. It didn’t take long for the third goal to come, another for Cathay, and a much-deserved win for the team with the scoreline ending 3:2 to New Beccs 2’s.
An outstanding performance by all and a great team to be a part of.


Ladies 2s v Canterbury

Match date: 21/09/19
Opposition: Canterbury
Home or away: Away
Result: 1-2
Scorers: Alex Black (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Izzy Rose
Match Reporter Rosie Bridger

Saturday saw the Ladies 2’s travel to Canterbury. Hard game from the get go with Canterbury scoring 1st in first half. The ladies fought back throughout the first half and defence and Becky (goal keeper) was able to keep Canterbury from scoring again. A few missed chances from New Becc’s and we were dangerous when we had the ball at Canterbury’s end, plus failed to convert a number of penalty corners.

A uplifting chat from Alex during the end of the first half lifted everyone’s spirits and was able to keep fighting (even though it was very hot!!) Canterbury was able to get another goal, but not long after we scored to bring it it 2-1. New Becc's were working hard to try and get a draw but the game finished with a whistle rather than the short corner we though we deserved.

The game finished 2-1 to Canterbury but a game enjoyed by the whole team where some really good hockey was played!! Well done New Becc's Ladies 2’s


Ladies 2s v Blackheath and Elthamians

Match date: 14/09/19
Opposition: Blackheath and Elthamians Ladies 3s
Home or away: Away
Result: 3-2
Scorers: Lisa Gregory (1), Helen Seal (2)
Man/ Woman of the Match Helen Seal
Match Reporter Claire Winter

Another sunny Saturday dawned and the 2s slowly arrived bright and rearing to go for the first league game of the season. With newbie Amanda on the front line and a couple of changes at the back we were ready.
The opposition started off very enthusiastically, passing the ball around well putting us on the back foot. Within a few minutes of the start they were in the D and scored!
We started off again very strongly and managed to get the ball down to Amanda on the right who sent the ball flying across the D to H who did a brilliant air hit straight into the goal. So we were back all square.
The game continued as a hard battle but we managed to keep control and won a short corner after a discussion between the umpires. Lisa went up and scored an excellent goal, which was given even though the opposition questioned whether it had hit the back board….
By halftime it was 3-1 after a 2nd goal by H. We played a much better game in the second half, even though we let them score another goal bringing the final score to 3-2. Having Becky in goal kept us in the game, this included an excellent instinctive save at the end off her stick. We were also very pleased to not concede any short corners during the whole of the game.
Top bruises were gained by Lizzy and Rachel. Amanda had a number of hits on target but couldn’t quite find the goal, I am sure she will rectify this soon! All in all a very enjoyable game with lots of passing and team work, well done girls.


Ladies 1s/2s v Burnt Ash friendly

Match date: 07/09/19
Opposition: Burnt Ash
Home or away: Home
Result: 4-0
Scorers: Amanda Gramaglia (2), Lou Baldwin (1), Rosie Bridger (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match

What a great first match back. The team was a mixture of our 1s and 2s plus newbie Amanda, yet everyone gelled together well.
We kept the opposition keeper (age 72) busy in the first half and forced a number of great saves until Rosie chipped the ball high over the keeper to kick off the goals, then Lou slipped the ball past the goalie to take it up to 2-0.
The momentum was kept going in the second half with Amanda managing to slot in 2 more goals to bring the scoreline up to 4-0, a great debut game!

Overall though it was a great team effort, everyone passing well between both forwards and also to the defence. Good communication between players.

Prize to the opposition for every member of their defence, except the goalie, kicking the ball for the last 5 short corners of the match!

A good start to a new season and encouraging to see everyone enjoying themselves.


Ladies 2s/3s v Burnt Ash friendly

Match date: 07/09/19
Opposition: Burnt Ash
Home or away: Home
Result: 3-2
Scorers: Kim Gabriel (2), Isabel Rose (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match

A great start to the season with a 3-2 friendly win at home to Burnt Ash. Our goals came from Kim with two and one from Issy.

There were fantastic debuts from Lizzy, Kerry and the twins Grace and Niamh.
The first half was definitely all New Beccs with great goals from Kim and Issy and several other chances going by the wayside.

In the second half, Burnt Ash came back fighting and scored two quick goals to make it all square.

However, the game continued to be end to end and whilst the last 5 minutes was tense, New Beccs won the game when Kim scored late on.

Well done all