Ladies 3s v Faversham Ladies 1st XI

Match date: 29/02/20
Opposition: Faversham Ladies 2s
Home or away: AWAY
Result: 1-2
Scorers: Hannah Mitchell (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match
Match Reporter Chris Mitchell

Awful journey down in storm Jorge with persistent heavy rain then eased for play- but it was still freezing!
Early first 90 secs saw a great goal from our Captain Hannah from a short corner.

Then Faversham fought back for a 1-1 score line. There was lots of great New Beccs play and we were very unlucky that the balls through didn’t materialise into goals.

Second half started well again lots of promising runs from Tania, Lynne, Kim, Harriet and Lizzy.
Charlotte working hard in goal keeping as many out as possible as always, unfortunately a good run through and great strike saw Faversham get their second winning goal.

A hail storm signalled the end of the game, and really the right result a good game all round.

Well done all, now time to dry off in the warm and dry the match sheet on the nearest radiator!!


Ladies 3s v Meopham Ladies 2s

Match date: 22/02/20
Opposition: Meopham Ladies 2s
Home or away: Home
Result: 2-2
Scorers: Lily Rideout (1), Tracie Cullen (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Charlotte Pluckrose
Match Reporter Chris Mitchell

Ladies 3’s faced the in-form Meopham in what turned out to be one of the best games of the season. Meopham took an early lead but Lily equalised for us with a superb solo goal. Meopham scored again to lead at the break but our barn storming second half performance was rewarded when Tracie made it 2-2 near the end.
There were excellent performances all over the park but Charlotte was the unanimous player of the match with a mixture of skill and bravery keeping the opponents attackers at bay for most of the game.

The Ladies 3’s are now unbeaten since November and now sit 5th in the table and with three games to go, a top three finish is still on the cards


Ladies 3s v Burnt Ash Ladies 6s

Match date: 08/02/20
Opposition: Maidstone Ladies
Home or away: Home
Result: 4-1
Scorers: Hannah Mitchell (1), Tania Mathews (1), Harriet Nunn (1), Lynne Eve (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Tania Mathews
Match Reporter Chris Mitchell

The Ladies 3’s returned to winning ways after three consecutive draws. An even opening eventually saw us take the lead when Hannah scored with a great hit from a short corner.

Harriet made it two early in the second half after great play from Tania before Lynne put the game beyond doubt with our third soon after. Tania made it four when she fired home another short corner routine and although Burnt Ash pulled one back late on the Ladies 3’s held out for one of their best results of the season.


Ladies 3s v Maidstone

Match date: 01/02/20
Opposition: Maidstone Ladies
Home or away: Home
Result: 3-3
Scorers: Lily Rideout (1), Harriet Nunn (1), Jennie (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Harriet Nunn
Match Reporter Chris Mitchell

A competitive and tough first half saw us go in 2-1 down at half time with Lily scoring our goal. However, an excellent second half performance was rewarded with goals from Harriet and Jennie on her debut to put us 3-2 up with just seconds remains. However, we were denied a deserved win when Maidstone scored an equaliser with the last hit of the game.
A great game played in good spirits and on reflection a draw was probably a fair result.


Ladies 3s v Remnants

Match date: 30/11/19
Opposition: Remnants Ladies
Home or away: Home
Result: 1-2
Scorers: Noeleen Allmark (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Harriet Nunn
Match Reporter Kim Gabriel

After a disappointing game last week against Brom Becks we were raring to go with fresh legs against Remnants. Poor Noeleen returned from the sunny climes of Australia and into sub zero degrees in Beckenham.

The game started well with everyone in high spirits with a very even game. Players were passing well; and attacking and defending excellently. With superb play from the midfield, who brought the ball into the D, Kim crossed it smoothly to Noeleen. She was in a perfect position to whack it cleanly into the goal. In the process, Kim whacked the goalie just to make sure it was in.

We had a lengthy discussion last week about ' what is 5 yards?" and Harriet still had no clue, therefore she was green carded by grumpy Kempy. Don't worry he also green carded the opposition in the second half!

Unfortunately Remnants equalised just before half-time from a short corner even though our defence tried to stop them at every turn. One goal was disallowed after it came off of one of our players in the D.

Late in the second half Remnants managed to find their way into our D, and the ball ricocheted round like a pinball machine hitting Tracie's stick, and then an oppo stick, then lastly found its way into the goal, which unfortunately gave them the lead! But we kept our heads held high and still fought hard until the end.

Bring on the next match in January - we are ready for them!


Ladies 3s v Brom Becks Ladies 5s

Match date: 23/11/19
Opposition: Brom Becks Ladies 5s
Home or away: Home
Result: 1-4
Scorers: Lily Rideout (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match The Whole Team
Match Reporter Lizzy Loader

Well we knew this was going to be a tough game, against our rival team Brombecks.

In the first half they dominated possession , allowing them to have a few shots on goal. Quite early on it was 1-0 to them, but we kept pushing.
After some tough defending, a foot in the D it led them to a short. Unfortunately they scored making it 2-0 by half time.

Having a chat at half time, we went back into the second half with our heads held high. We had more possession of the ball resulting in more attacking opportunities, leading us to win a short. We used it well, with an excellent goal from Lily making the score 2-1.

As we pushed more players forward in search of an equaliser we left spaces at the back which Brombecks took advantage of managing to score 2 late goals. It was a tough game, but a good all round effort with some excellent saves from Maddie and super support from the side lines.


Ladies 3s v Sevenoaks Ladies 7s

Match date: 16/11/19
Opposition: Sevenoaks Ladies 7s
Home or away: Away
Result: 3-0
Scorers: Tracie Cullen (1), Steff Cullen (1), Hannah Mitchell (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Tracie Cullen
Match Reporter Hannah Mitchell

A very quick start after a rush to get ready early and down to Sevenoaks to play.

We were first sent on a wild goose chase to the toilets with no changing rooms in amongst a million children at a dance class! But we got set up ready to play on time with excellent support from the sidelines from Alicia’s other half.

We started well and the youth of their side was obvious (6 U18’s) however after a first half goal from a Cullen double at the front we were energised to keep ahead and score more, after a last minute decision and encouragement from Tania, Captain Hannah stepped up to support an attacking short and hit an brilliant second goal in from the top of the D! (Albeit a golf swing according to Kempy!)

The 2nd half was tough and after what feel like a million defensive short corners and being stuck in a deep abyss we climbed out took the ball to the other end of the pitch and scored again, 3-0! The 3rd goal again another Cullen special, which meant we had Cullen/Captain/Cullen =sandwich of goals!

At the end everyone was knackered but extremely chuffed with a final score of 3-0!

A well fought and well deserved win, with epic defending again as per Kempy!


Ladies 3s v Faversham Ladies

Match date: 02/11/19
Opposition: Faversham Ladies
Home or away: Home
Result: 1-0
Scorers: Lily Rideout (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Lily Rideout
Match Reporter Hannah Mitchell

After a storm had passed over HSBC for the poor Ladies 2’s game and The massive disappointment of England rugby team losing the World Cup to South Africa we were ready to play.

Our opponents Faversham arrived with only 10 players but it soon became obvious to their credit you could not tell at all...
So it proved a tough game first half was fairly even but we just had to somehow break the deadlock..
After a tough love team talk and some planned changes in formation we hit back hard mid way in the second half and finally got our deserved winning goal
from a great strike by Lily!
Now was the tough job of keeping the win with only 1 goal up against a strong Faversham 10
We managed successfully to achieve this and the game finished 1-0

Great fight and great result well done all as the New Beccs Ladies 3’s are now top of their league!!!


Ladies 3s v Meopham Ladies 2

Match date: 26/10/19
Opposition: Meopham Ladies 2s
Home or away: Away
Result: 4-2
Scorers: Tracie Cullen (2), Noeleen Allmark (1), Lisa Gregory (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Cheryl ‘the rock’ Padgham
Match Reporter Cheryl Padgham

Despite road closures and delays the ladies 3s were ready and raring to go for the 10.15 pushback in sunny Gravesend against Meopham.

With New Beccs dominating play in the first half saw Tracie score the first goal of the match 20 mins in, with Nancy making her debut on pitch feeding passes up the left channel.

In the second half Meopham attacked in response and equalised with their first goal.

But New Beccs weren’t going to take that lying down and a couple of minutes later Lisa scored with another one shortly to follow.

Then ‘El Capitan’ declared she wanted her ‘now expected’ 4 goals per match. So a minute later with a great assist by Stacey, Noleen delivered to score the 4th goal for New Beccs!

Determined to try and stop the ball coming into our D saw Cheryl make some ‘ rock solid’ stops of the ball from their hit outs, earning Player of the Match and the title of Cheryl ‘the rock’ Padgham.

Kerri and Kim worked hard on the right attacking with gusto and and fighting for possession and keeping the defence on their toes.

Meopham keen to try and catch up saw them sneak in a second goal bringing the final score to 4-2.

With such determination and hard work from all Ladies 3s on pitch it was a performance to be proud and a much deserved win. Well done everyone!


Ladies 3s v Burnt Ash 6s

Match date: 12/10/19
Opposition: Burnt Ash Ladies 6s
Home or away: Away
Result: 8-0
Scorers: Helen Seal (1), Tracie Cullen (2), Noeleen Allmark (3), Megan Larkham (2)
Man/ Woman of the Match Noeleen Allmark
Match Reporter Hannah Mitchell

The Ladies 3’s recorded an emphatic 8-0 win away to Burnt Ash Ladies 6’s with everyone in the squad playing their part in the biggest win of the season.

The deadlock was broken as early as the 5th minute when Tracie scored from close range after excellent work from Megan.

We doubled our lead just 3 minutes later when Megan turned from provider to scorer when her persistence was rewarded with a goal

Noeleen popped up with the third, scoring from a yard out after another excellent run and pass from Megan and It was Noeleen who scored the fourth, this time after great work from Lynne.

The second half followed a similar pattern to the first with New Beccs well on top and scored early on when Noeleen completed her hat-trick after a goalmouth scramble.

H made it 6 with a great shot from just inside the D before Megan grabbed her second of the game after an excellent solo run and angled finish.

It was left to Tracie to wrap up the scoring when she grabbed her 2nd and the teams 8th five minutes from the end of the game.

All of those who played can be rightly proud of their contribution to an outstanding team performance that leaves the side in 3rd place in the league table.