Bexleyheath and Belvedere Mens 3rd XI

Match date: 26/03/22
Opposition: Bexleyheath and Belvedere Mens 3rd XI
Home or away: Home
Result: 2-0
Scorers: Jeffs (2)
Man/ Woman of the Match Chris Jeffs and Leon
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe

Two hours before push back the 2s had the prospect of starting without a keeper but Leon who had somehow slipped through the net at selection, turned up to watch missus Leon play in the preceeding ladies 3s fixture and was press-ganged into playing by your correspondent. And just as well too, since New Beccs' number one pulled off two worldies to keep out the opposition. It was a good and well-contested game but New Beccs defence was on point, with Teva starring at the back, while the midfield and frontline mounted plenty of effective forays into the opposition D. Euan Williams guesting from the threes had a great game as he rotated with Chris Jeffs and Yuval up front. The first goal was a deft flick from close range; the ball came from a Chris Baker free hit just inside the 23. It looked not to have travelled the regulation five metres but went in off an opposition stick; a defender nearly stopped the ball but it flicked up in the air and with very little pace remaining on it, Chris was able to help over the line. Chris' second goal was a trademark reverse stick from the left of the D across goal. Your correspondent is claiming an assist, running in front of the keeper and nearly getting a touch to wrong foot him. Another great result and New Beccs hold on to a spot in the top half of the table


Blackheath and Elthamian Dynamos

Match date: 19/03/22
Opposition: Blackheath and Elthamian Dynamos
Home or away: Home
Result: 1-0
Scorers: Kevin Antao
Man/ Woman of the Match Paul Evans
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe

Disappointing not to see Phil Baker, formerly of this parish, in the opposition side, and maybe he was the difference as New Beccs reversed the score from the away fixture. New Beccs fielded a strong side and needed to as it was a tough battle. There weren't too many chances for either team but some fabulous last ditch defensive work from Leon, Paul Evans and Chris Baker kept the opposition out. The deciding goal came relatively early on from a short corner. Steve injected to Chris Baker, he slipped left to Kevin Antao, who placed the ball neatly into the bottom right hand corner.


Marden Russets Mens 6th XI

Match date: 12/03/22
Opposition: Marden Russets Mens 6th XI
Home or away: Away
Result: 1-7
Scorers: Chris Jeffs
Man/ Woman of the Match We didn't really want to think about it
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe

Thanks first of all to those who deputised in defence this week, including Pete Watt (in goal) and Phil Cole, coming in from the 3s. Unfortunately it was the worst possible week to choose as we came up against the best team we've played all season. Your correspondent heard the umpire say to the oppositon captain before the game, 'you've got a good side out this week' and indeed they did. This Marden 6s side was far better than the Marden 5s we came up against (losing 3-1) in January and they were easy winners. New Beccs struggled to get into the game but were stronger in the second half as they played less defensively, stretching the opposition a little more. Chris Jeffs scored a terrific goal in the first half to make it 3-1; Steve deflected a 16 yard hit onto Yuval who played Chris in brilliantly. The ball actually looked as if it had got away from Chris but he dived full length onto Yuval's pass to touch it past the keeper. Steve missed a good one-on-one opportunity with the keeper in the second half but it was slim pickings.


Canterbury Squires

Match date: 05/03/22
Opposition: Canterbury Squires
Home or away: Home
Result: 4-1
Scorers: Telling, Jeffs, Carver, Orman
Man/ Woman of the Match Martin Telling
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe

A really good performance against a side we struggled against away from home. New Beccs dominated throughout. Four great goals and lots of nominations for man of the match but Marting Telling was the favourite


Tunbridge Wells Mens 5th XI

Match date: 26/02/22
Opposition: Tunbridge Wells Mens 5th XI
Home or away: Away
Result: 1-1
Scorers: Steve Lipscombe
Man/ Woman of the Match Spencer Richards
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe

A tough game with a reinforced opposition side. TW went ahead and Beccs had plenty of chances to score but the young TW keeper was very hard to beat. The equaliser came late on as Spencer finished from close range after Nick Porter's shot was saved by the goalie. Highlights of the game were Martin Telling receiving a yellow card for not allowing the opposition player to thump him and said player not receiving a red card for trying to thump him; plus your correspondent flattening one of the opposition ringers and him doing the full Ronaldo. Dubious umpiring; great location; good point.


Old Williamsonians Mens 4th XI

Match date: 12/02/22
Opposition: Old Williamsonians Mens 4th XI
Home or away: Home
Result: 4-2
Scorers: Daniel McHallum, Kevin Antao, Johnny Faint, Spencer Richards
Man/ Woman of the Match Johnny Faint
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe

Having played well against Old Williamsonians in the reverse fixture but losing, New Beccs turned the tables at home. Kevin Antao, standing in as skipper for the absent Chris Baker, asked for a high pressing energetic performance from the front line and midfiled, rotating personnel every 10 minutes. It proved effective and Old Wills were under pressure from the first whistle. Unfathomably though, New Beccs found themselves 2-0 down at half time with two very well worked goals from the opposition, which left Rob Bryne with no chance. Nonetheless, it didn't feel remotely like the home side were going to lose the game. With a calming word from Dickie Carver at half time, New Beccs started the second period with even more energy and effective passing play, forcing the opposition back into their own 23. Daniel McHallum soon got a goal back from close range and Kevin Antao converted a penalty flick to level the score after his strike from a short corner was stopped by a defender's foot on the line. The opposition started to get fractious and lose their composure as the pressure from New Beccs increased. Johnny Faint was on fire, always available for the ball in midfield and making searching passes to the forwards. He was also on target with his short corner strikes. He converted his first to give New Beccs the lead, and his second was deflected in by Spencer Richards from close range - it was a great touch and although Johnny claimes it was going in anyway Spencer celebrated in typically restrained fashion. At 4-2 Old Wills pretty much imploded (except the goalkeeper, who was possibly the happiest and most gracious hockey player ever to cross the white line) allowing the 2s to move up to seventh in the table whilst recording the second best form in the league since Christmas. Johnny was awarded man of the match for an all round outstanding performance; as Rob Byrne said, 'he just tan and tan' [SIC].


Folkestone Optimists Mens 5th XI

Match date: 05/02/22
Opposition: Folkestone Optimists Mens 5th XI
Home or away: Away
Result: 3-1
Scorers: Baker, Orman, Jeffs
Man/ Woman of the Match Richard Skipper
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe

Another win means New Beccs have only lost one game in the last five and rest eigth in the table, with the sixth best goal difference in the league. A continued run of form and the reversal of the single goal losses before Christmas, could still mean a top half finish for the 2s.


Marden Russets Mens 5th XI

Match date: 29/02/22
Opposition: Marden Russets Mens 5th XI
Home or away: Home
Result: 1-3
Scorers: Baker
Man/ Woman of the Match
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe

A poor first half. Beccs looked like they had decided they couldn't win this game before it started. It became a self-fulfilling prophecy as a very good Marden vets' side was gifted two goals in the first half by an absentee defence, whilst the home side's pedestrian attacks ended in a misplaced pass or avoidable tackle. Skipper Baker was less than happy and his Anglo-Saxon assessment of the team's perfromance at half time, combined with coach Carver's typically more restrained analysis did the trick. Marden did score again but New Beccs were the dominant side in the second half, more agressive and creating many more chances. Baker scored a second period equaliser from a short corner and as the visitors tired New Beccs finsihed on top. As the skipper said after the final whistle, another ten minutes might have made all the difference, although the truth is the first 35 minutes was the missed opportunity.


K Sports (Cobdown) M2

Match date: 22/01/22
Opposition: K Sports (Cobdown) M2
Home or away: Away
Result: 2-2
Scorers: Telling, Gefen Y
Man/ Woman of the Match Yuval
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe

A great result for all sorts of reasons:

1. Our arch rivals
2. 'Tactical umpiring'
3. First team ringers in their side
4. One nil down from a debatable short corner/P-flick decsion before our goalie arrived
5. Two nil down at half time
6. We worked hard, never gave up and deserved it
7. Most of all, because they must have absolutely hated it.

The die was cast from the off; your correspondent was penalised for supposedly not retreating five yards for K Sports' first free hit. It was a marginal decison at best, given by an umpire from a position directly behind me, so with no perspective of the distance. For the rest of the game, the same umpire gave just a solitary decision in New Beccs' favour. Yours truly was subsequently green carded for a repeat offence and Lipscombe E, picked up a yellow when one of the young opposition players bounced off him onto the ground. Some of the umpiring decisions even left the K Sports players a little sheepish.

To be fair, most of the opposition playerswere perfectly pleasant people - in particular, their youngsters - but the a charmless minority and the umpiring fired up the New Beccs side, as is always the case with K Sports. Whatever stunts they pull, they just can't seem to beat us.

The first New Beccs' response came when Chris Baker shelled the ball into the D from around the half way line and Telling deflected it into the goal with a signature finish. The second came just a few minutes the final whistle when Ed Lipscombe tore past the right hand side defence for the umpteenth time and worked himself into the D playing a short pass to Nick Porter. Nick's attempt was blocked by the keeper but the ball found its way to Yuval who set himself calmly and finshed neatly.

Beccs had enjoyed more of the attacking play throughout while the defence and midfield managed to effectively marshall the 'guesting' first teamers for the most part. It was a great result but in truth, we felt we should have won it.


Gravesham and Wellcome Mens 3rd XI

Match date: 15/01/22
Opposition: Gravesham and Wellcome Mens 3rd XI
Home or away: Home
Result: 4-1
Scorers: Orton, Richards (2), Lipscombe S
Man/ Woman of the Match Spencer Richards
Match Reporter Steve Lipscombe

Good win against a strong Gravesend side. Both teams were a little ring rusty in the first half and the hockey wasn't great. Gravesend went ahead, and Spencer Richards levelled for New Beccs, with and assist from Tim Orton, just before half time; a fair reflection of the first 35 minutes. The visiting side became increasingly talkative in the second half, questioning every umpiring decision. Clare and Lisa kept control as did the New Beccs players, as they grew stronger in the game. After Dickie Carver had a penalty flick saved, Spencer scored the home side's second, a smart deflection of a Tim Orton strike from a short corner (I think). Steve Lipscombe got a third shortly after, with a shoulder height finish at close range, again from an Orton effort. Gravesend got back into the game for a few minutes until one of their chattier players decided to leave the field of play for reasons best known to himself. Tim killed the game with the fourth goal which deflected in off a defender. New Beccs now rest eighth with two wins in succession and a goal differrence of +2, with only the top four sides having conceded fewer goals.