Summer Mixed New Beccs v BromBecks B

Match date: 13/06/19
Opposition: Brombecks Mixed B
Home or away: Away
Result: 9-4
Scorers: Sam Pitcher (3), Rob Glavin (1), Megan Lipscombe (2), Brendan Jessup (2)
Man/ Woman of the Match Matt Smith

So another challenging game against a BromBecks side with an average age of around 18 compared to our average age of around 45. Again they had no goalie or umpire so we decided help them out by increasing their average age slightly by letting them have Matt play with them!

Thanks therefore go to Lisa for umpiring singlehanded and Matt Smith for playing for the oppo, plus thanks for Florence and Gemma for again playing a whole game when it should have been half each.

We therefore again had 11 players against their 10 (I think) and although they scored first we took full advantage of an open goal when we had the opportunity ..... Although Brandon did manage to miss the goal once Not sure how!
So the result a nice 9-4 win, goals for Glav, Meg, Steve and of course Sam... Did I miss anyone?

NB - next weeks game is against Blackheath and NOT a BromBecks team, so I am assuming that availability is not changing from what people advised previously.

Thanks all

Summer Mixed New Beccs v BromBecks

Match date: 06/06/19
Opposition: Brombecks Mixed
Home or away: Away
Result: 2-2
Scorers: Sam Pitcher (1), Rob Glavin (1)
Man/ Woman of the Match Leon Jackson

Well firstly thank you everyone who came and played last night it was really appreciated.

I thought it was going to be a disaster as I unfortunately lost 2 players just before the game (no idea where) and then not everyone turned up. Luckily Florence and Lianne came (with injuries) to save the day! I then found out that the opposition had 10 players which meant no goalie or umpire (neither did we), but they still had some excellent players who obviously had been practising together.
So we made the decision to have no actual umpire and just to be honest(!!), which wasn't too bad surprisingly!!
I think our main advantages were Leon in goal who played a blinder and Rob as usual running at least 50 miles more than everyone else on the pitch!

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as it wasn't a bad game really and there was no arguing with the umpires.....
James I think deserves a special mention for firstly just running into one of the young girls on the opposition and taking her out, and then for his extra special aerial ball which first hit a lamp post and then just managed to miss hitting a window on the new primary school before being lost in the school grounds.

The end result was 2-2 quite reasonable considering all of the above factors! I can't remember who the scorer's of the goals were so have guessed!

Thanks again and well done us.